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Why Les Poulettes ?

Sharing the Parisian beauty, spirit, and wit!

Alexis Fort lives in the heart of Paris with his family. He is very familiar with the Beauty industry, and especially with Organic cosmetics as he managed for many years a 50 year old family owned company, which was one the the first international Organic beauty pioneer.

In 2018, he launches his own brand to give Organic and “Made in France” cosmetics a more modern, innovative feel with a sassy touch. He has a clear vision of the formulas he wishes to propose, but is lacking a name for his project.

During a dinner party, he hears his wife’s friends calling out “Salut Poulette!” when they greet each other. He realizes this sweet and cheeky name perfectly embodies the vision of beauty he has in mind for a relaxed, free-spirited and daring woman.
After this dinner, which in fact rapidly also became a spontaneous interview of his wife’s beauty routines and expectations, Alexis is ready to kick off the launch of his brand: Les Poulettes.

An inspiring dinner

His wife’s girl friends ring the doorbell and as they enter the flat, they all greet each other with a friendly “Salut Poulette!”
In his living room, surrounded by this group of women, an extraordinary scene comes to life, revealing the personality and quintessential spirit of these born or adopted Parisian women.
All unique and nevertheless bonded by friendship, they all radiate with this undescribable “chic” and this subtle talent of looking naturally beautiful.
They are all really busy: between their work and their various other projects, the kids to look after, the baby-sitter to manage, the need to find some time for their boyfriend or husband, the shopping and home which has to look nice, the girls’ outings, the exhibits to see and the holidays to organize….
They have this talent to manage these hectic schedules while complaining but always balancing their agendas. They say they are exhausted but bizarrely manage to remain radiant. It seems that they never have a minute to spare, but their red lipstick however always looks impeccably applied.

Loveable, multi-facetted (sometimes contradictory) personalities

Les Poulettes is a tribute to the Parisian “je ne sais quoi” which is so inspiring : the nonchalant elegance, the cheeky charm, the witty words…devoid of snobism or arrogance but definetly including a few contradictions.
It is a tribute to all women who remain classy even when they swear or get very upset. to those who ride their bicycles, sometimes wearing stilettos. To those who appreciate Bordeaux and Champagne and will compensate by guzzling a bottle of detox juice the day after.

Les Poulettes is an organic beauty philosophy which believes in simplicity, health and efficacy, and is designed to respond to every skin need, in Paris and beyond!
Our cosmetics are for those who claim they don’t care about the fine lines around their eyes, but who share whenever they can every beauty secret with their friends.

Further to this dinner, Alexis decides to capture the “ Parisienne Spirit” in a beauty brand inspired and true to the Parisians around him.

The brand, designed as a tribute and celebration of these women, and named as a fun nod to this cute nickname they use when they greet each other.

“A huge thanks to my wife Florence and to her friends, Emma, Margot, Sarah and Chloé. You allowed me to observe what makes you all uniquely beautiful and inspiring. And by sharing your views, doubts and hopes on the little and big things in your lives, you have been amazing muses.”

Alexis Fort
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