Interview with Alexis, founder of Les Poulettes Paris, for the 2 years anniversary of the organic skincare brand.

What made you decide to start your own beauty brand?

Since I was a little boy, I have always liked to initiate, organise and carry out projects. It started with ambitious Lego constructions, and then in the framework of associative activities, before becoming concrete in work.

I found myself quite young indeed to become the CEO of Cattier, one of the pioneer companies of the organic cosmetics. It was very stressful, but at the same time, it made me understand that I was motivated by a freedom of action that I could not have had as an employee.

Entrepreneurship with Les Poulettes Paris is common sense, intuition, rolling up your sleeves and inspired and constructive debates with the team on the future of organic beauty. It is a sector that is constantly evolving and is currently undergoing profound changes, directly linked to the major issues of society: the evolution of the female condition, respect for the environment, better consumption.... We are constantly questioning ourselves and we are never bored.

Why did you choose to offer certified ORGANIC products ?

I fell into organic beauty a bit by chance and I stayed there out of conviction and passion. I was lucky enough to experience the great years of growth and evolution of Organic cosmetics following the general public's awareness of the risks linked in particular to parabens.

Let's be honest, at the beginning of the 2000s, making an ORGANIC formula that didn't stick and didn't smell a bit bad, it was difficult. Organic cosmetics were mainly aimed at a very limited public.

Nowadays, organic beauty is a must. And the suppliers of certified ORGANIC raw materials, Cosmos Organic, offer a range of ingredients that allow us to develop formulas that are as sensorial as those offered in traditional cosmetics. As for Organic certification, it is clearly binding. But in a context where the consumer is becoming more and more demanding about the composition of his beauty products, it remains the best guarantee.

The name "Les Poulettes" is very nice and refers to female friendship and solidarity. What does it mean to you as a man ?

Society is changing, but we are not going to lie to ourselves, the pressure on women is still considerable, whether at work or in the management of the home. Female solidarity, whether it is within a group of girlfriends or a more or less formal association is essential. I can see it with my wife: women's mutual aid is omnipresent in her life. For light or serious matters. I believe very much in the power of the community, in sharing good plans, in daily solidarity. And I learn a lot from my female friends who amaze me every time. I find them creative, resilient, humble.

The brand often refers to Parisian women. Who do you think the contemporary Parisian woman is?

Being Parisian is a state of mind more than a domicile, a physique or a wardrobe. Moreover, few Parisian women were born and grew up in the capital. And many wonder if they wouldn't be happier elsewhere. Paris is a beautiful but exhausting city. For me, a Parisian woman is one who doesn't let herself be pushed around and who takes responsibility - always politely but firmly - for her opinions, even if it means displeasing them. She is the one who has the gift of embellishing daily life with a trifle. The one who knows how to laugh at herself and her contradictions. And also the one who knows how to celebrate small victories. The Parisian woman is smart, uncomplicated, and above all very funny. That's why she inspires so much.

La mascotte des Poulettes Paris

You started with a range of masks. Why ?

After 15 years of promoting ORGANIC beauty in the world, and after many trips to Asia, I noticed that there was no ORGANIC offer in the category of "Korean sheet mask" style cloth soaked masks. I found this type of care really clever: practical to use, capable of rehydrating the most thirsty skin and offering immediate visible results in terms of radiance. I then thought of creating a Made in France and Organic version of this type of express treatment. The mask also represents for me the quintessence of a moment of relaxation for oneself. It's important to take a few minutes of "me-time" each day, in your beauty routine. This is not vanity. It's a wellness break that we all deserve.

In the long run, how do you see "Les Poulettes Paris" evolving?

I feel like saying "Sky is the limit". More seriously, I think that "Les Poulettes Paris" have the potential to evolve towards a more complete range of cosmetic care products, while remaining faithful to their principles: ORGANIC products favouring natural plant extracts, simple to use. Beauty products that do not promise miracles but visible and long-lasting results in terms of hydration, balance and luminosity. It is also a brand that I would like to develop abroad. The attraction for French Beauty is not about to run out of steam, especially with the development of BIO beauty brands.

What do you like most about your job?

Receive testimonials from customers who appreciate the products! It means a lot to me that they take the time to thank us. I also love the wealth of entrepreneurship which allows you to have several jobs in the same day: salesperson, logistician, accountant, researcher, ... And of course, what a satisfaction to open new points of sale to introduce our products to new customers!

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