Why organic cotton?

Organic cotton: why is it better for us and for our planet?

For our food, ORGANIC makes sense: it is the guarantee of consuming healthier products grown in respect of the environment. As far as cosmetic products are concerned, the same goes for cosmetics, even topo, since we know that what we regularly put on our skin can be absorbed by the body. It is therefore better to avoid plant extracts that have been grown with a lot of pesticides and chemical fertilisers. We don't want those, neither on our plates nor in our cream jars, thank you.

OK, you have understood the interest of favouring ORGANIC for formulas directly in contact with your skin and intended to penetrate the upper layers of the epidermis, but what about the cotton used to support our fabric beauty masks? Why ORGANIC here too? Is it really necessary since it is not really an active ingredient?

Yes, and we are going to explain this to you with a little lesson about cotton.

Conventional cotton production, one of the most polluting crops!

Cotton fibre from conventional agriculture comes from crops that are often genetically modified and grown using less environmentally friendly methods.

For your information, cotton cultivation accounts for 25% of the world's pesticide use, even though it only concerns 2.5% of our planet's agricultural land.

And yes, cotton, as it's nice as anything, it's full of insect friends and that's not to the taste of farmers.

But it doesn't stop there, once harvested, the cotton flowers are purified and bleached with chlorine.

This process frequently leads to the formation of dioxins, persistent organic pollutants that remain on the fibres after treatment (in addition to chlorine residues). These dioxins are easily absorbed by the body and have proven harmful effects on health.

Without going into detail, we will just say that these substances have been associated with different types of cancer and endocrine disruption.

But, we will now stop telling you horror stories, because at the Poulettes we prefer stories with a happy ending. And one of our favourites is that of organic cotton!

Organic cotton certified GOTS, the one that Les Poulettes Paris choose for their skincare masks.

GOTS-certified organic cotton, unlike that from conventional agriculture, comes from GMO-free, pesticide-free crops that are more soil-friendly and less water-intensive. It also minimises the risk of exposure to toxic substances for farmers.

Yes, but what about fibre processing then?

No chlorine this time. This is forbidden for ORGANIC cotton. Hydrogen peroxide or ozone is used to purify. It's clean and without risks.

And we forget about chemical bleaching. If you were wondering why your face pack wasn't super white and sometimes even had small brown spots, you now have the answer.


We have given priority to health and ecology, with irreproachable white. Let's leave it to the washing powder...

All Les Poulettes Paris beauty masks are made of certified organic cotton.

To note :

You can also think of organic cotton for your hygiene and textile purchases. At Les Poulettes Paris, we love the discreet and timeless chic of the ethical fashion brand EKYOG :www.ekyog.comand we love the eco-friendly, fun and ORGANIC hygienic protections of the new FLO brand (available at Monoprix and on the Internet). www.hereweflo.fr).

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