What is the "Moringa extract" used in our Detox Mask?

Today, we decided to initiate a series of articles to introduce you to our favorite natural actives. To begin this saga of botanical beauty, here is the Moringa!


The seeds of a tree native to India.

Dried Moringa pods and seeds (Moringa oleifera Lam.)

Moringa extract comes from the seeds of a tree native to India, the Moringa Olifeira, also called the Miracle Tree or Tree of Life.
It is a sort of "vegetable tree", ultra rich in vitamins and minerals. All parts of this plant, from the root to the flowers, have been used for thousands of years for their nutritional and curative properties.

In recent years, it has appeared in contemporary cosmetics as a particularly interesting anti-pollution and depurative active ingredient.

Exceptionally rich in nutrients and a super anti-pollution power.

If the food supplements are made from the crushed and dried leaves, it is especially its seeds that are interesting for the manufacture of care products.

The oil is produced from a cold pressing of the seeds, in order to preserve the integrity of its properties. It is extremely rich in unsaturated fatty acids (particularly omega-9) as well as antioxidant vitamins C and E.

Everything is useful in Moringa: the leaves are nutritious and the seeds give extracts with purifying powers.

But what really makes it special is a protein contained in the seeds that has the particularity of binding to impurities, aggregating them and retaining them on the surface of the skin, thus preventing them from penetrating the epidermis and affecting the cells.

The star ingredient of our Detox Mask - Les Poulettes Paris :

We have selected the Moringa extract in the formula of Detox Mask certified BIO and Made in France Les Poulettes Paris, among others, for this unique anti-pollution action. We thus propose a formula at the same time purifying, revitalizing and protective for a skin which breathes.

Its use is therefore highly recommended for all those who live in urban environments. As city dwellers, we are regularly exposed to oxidative stress and polluting particles.

We recommend that you use this mask in the morning at home to start your day. It will act as an anti-pollution shield throughout the day. The moringa is, indeed, associated with a film-forming active ingredient to form an invisible barrier against the external aggressions.


The formula also containsOrganic Aloe Vera moisturizing and soothing and vegetable glycerin to reinforce the skin's barrier function and ensure its suppleness and comfort, for a purified face!

And yes, a well-hydrated skin is naturally more resistant.


Please note:

No risk of deforestation with Moringa, since this tropical tree grows easily and quickly in developing areas without access to modern irrigation methods (it can grow up to 3 meters per year!), and is naturally very resistant to insects (no need for pesticides).

Certified organic care, Made in France

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