What is ORGANIC barley seedling hydrosol?

Barley sprouts, you probably have a small idea of what they are. But if we talk to you about barley sprout hydrosol, it gets complicated.

No panic, hydrolat is just the technical term used in cosmetic jargon to talk about a form of floral water or a plant water.

Be careful, this is not juice obtained by pressing the plant. Otherwise, your eye patches would probably be green! It is a little more technical to extract this precious liquid. But yes, we could have called it "barley young shoot water".

Let's start with a little reminder of the principle of distillation.

Steam distillation is a highly appreciated extraction process in organic cosmetics because it does not require the use of solvents. This ancestral method works just with heat and a still. This apparatus comprising a succession of containers makes it possible to separate, then collect, the different liquid components of a plant, according to their boiling temperature.

If the plant contains aromatic compounds, you will obtain on one side: hydrolate (basically steam once it has cooled and condensed) and on the other side: essential oil. The distillation of rose petals will, for example, produce hydrolate or rose floral water as well as essential rose oil. It is therefore the meeting point between herbal medicine and aromatherapy !
The advantage of hydrolat is that it contains more of the plant's active ingredients than would be the case with a conventional infusion process, for example. However, it is much more diluted and therefore softer for the skin than an essential oil.
That's why you can use floral or plant waters without moderation on your skin, whereas with essential oils you need to take precautions !

The benefits of barley grass in cosmetics

Young barley shoots or barley grass are part of the superfoods. Barley is harvested before it starts to develop its seeds The advantage of using the plant in its immature form: a greater richness in trace elements such as copper, potassium, manganese and zinc. Barley grass also contains vitamins: B, C and E. We have been told: "All good things to revitalise the skin and help it rebalance its natural functions"!

Since the ears are not yet formed, the plant's tillers are used. Imagine a lawn with several strands from the same plant. It's the same thing, except that instead of the grass blades, we'll have mini sticks. The tillers are precisely those stems of young shoots from the initial seedling. They will form a kind of tuft as you can see on the photo. Each stem will not produce a spike. It is the strongest that will grow longer and the others will naturally regress. But in our case, we don't care a bit as we will harvest the plant before this phase of competition between stems !

A Gluten-free cereal whose hydrolate is present in our Eye Patches.

Quite honestly, we are a bit sceptical about the idea of emphasising "Gluten-free" in the marketing argumentation of our eye patches. Indeed, there is little risk that you will consider eating them after use (this is strongly discouraged). Therefore, we do not mention it in the product description.

It is however an interesting topic in a blog. The debate remains open as to the risks of gluten allergy that might be present in cosmetics. But for products used around and on the mouth, this is conceivable.

Therefore, we could envisage with the same techno hydrogel as for the Eye Patches, a mask for the lips.

Would you be interested?

Please note :

If you wish to try a remineralising and revitalising treatment with barley sprout juice, you can find it in organic shops in the form of a very practical dilution powder. And unlike the colourless version in the form of vegetable water used in our patches, you will be able to admire its beautiful green colour. And yes, in addition to the minerals and vitamins, you will also benefit in this form from a good dose of anti-oxidant chlorophyll.

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