Super Glow Cure

A radiant complexion in 10 minutes

Super Glow Cure
Super Glow Cure
Super Glow Cure
Super Glow Cure

A radiant complexion in 10 minutes

Super Glow Cure

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The ultimate ritual for a glowy complexion and plump, radiant skin in 20 minutes.


  • A Radiance Clay Mask (combining pink clay, rose extract and mimosa wax),
  • Three Tissue Masks Coup d'Éclat (combining organic argan, antioxidants and polyphenols).

Apply the Revitalizing Radiance Clay Mask for 10 minutes.

Rinse and dry the face, then immediately apply a Brightening Mask with soaked cotton and leave on for 10 minutes.

Deeply cleansed and toned by the clay texture, the skin will fully benefit from the ultra-moisturizing formula and the energizing and luminosity-boosting active ingredients of the Radiance Mask.

In just 20 minutes, your skin will regain its vitality and glow! The French Glow is yours!

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Refreshed and illuminated complexion

The complexion appears immediately more luminous and unified.

Plumps and tones

A formula that combines pink clay, rose extract and mimosa wax.

Restores radiance and tone

In 20 minutes, your skin glows with a new radiance.

99% of ingredients of natural origin & certified organic

For the Radiance Clay Mask :

2 times a week. 

  • Apply in a thick layer, avoiding the eye area.
  • Leave on for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse.


For the Brightening Tissue Mask


On perfectly clean skin

  • Unfold the "super" Coup d'Eclat mask.
  • Apply to face, patting all over to adhere.
  • Leave it on for 10 minutes "top chrono".
  • Remove the mask and let the excess penetrate. No need to rinse.


You can use the surplus of the Anti-Fatigue mask for the décolleté or the hands.

Do you manufacture in France?
Les Poulettes was born in Paris and the brand claims the Parisian Spirit. It is therefore natural that we manufacture all products in France, to ensure traceability and quality of production. We regularly visit our partner production site.
Are the masks certified organic?
Our formulas are certified organic by the ECOCERT label. Les Poulettes require the COSMOS ORGANIC label for all their products. We have opted for this ultra-demanding standard as well as for a certification granted by ECOCERT, an independent control organization.
What is the optimal frequency of use?
There is no strict recommendation regarding the use of organic cotton masks, but it is preferable not to use them more than once a day to let each of the active ingredients play their role properly. However, you can apply the masks several times a week without any problem.
How long should I keep the mask on my face?
We recommend a 10 to 15 minute application time to allow the concentrated active ingredients to work and to see the first results. After this time, it is also recommended to manually penetrate the excess product into the skin and not to rinse, for optimal results.