FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How do I find more product information?

You'll find detailed ingredient lists, as well as instructions for use on each of the product pages.

We also have a blog where we regularly post information about our manufacturing processes, product origins, etc. Also, feel free to check out the customer reviews which will give you objective and outside information about our masks.

Finally, for any other questions, you can either contact us via the chat tab at the bottom right of the site, via email bonjour@lespoulettes-paris.com or via the form in the contact.

Are Les Poulettes masks biodegradable?

Of course. Les Poulettes Paris organic cotton masks are compostable after use. In fact, certified ORGANIC cotton is biodegradable and compostable by nature, so no worries on that front.

The serum that soaks the mask, which is Cosmos Organic certified, contains more than 99% naturally derived ingredients, developed via non-toxic processes, so it's also okay for composting!

The bags containing the masks are made of metal-plastic, which is the only material available on the market today to ensure the preservation of single-dose cosmetic formulas, which require a perfect seal. In fact, this is the case for all cosmetic samples.

We continuously seek better materials to preserve the environment in order to further decrease our impact, both in the manufacturing and distribution of our products. Also, we wish to go further in this approach by donating 1% of our turnover each year to the foundation Tara Océan Expedition. This association conducts scientific expeditions to fight for the preservation of the marine ecosystem.

Are the products made in France?

Les Poulettes was born in Paris and the brand claims the Parisian woman's Spirit. It is therefore natural that we manufacture all products in France, to ensure traceability and quality of production. We regularly visit our partner production site.

Are Les Poulettes masks certified organic?

Our formulas are certified organic by the ECOCERT label. Les Poulettes require the COSMOS ORGANIC label for all their products. We have opted for this ultra-demanding standard as well as for a certification granted by ECOCERT, an independent control organization.

Do you test Les Poulettes care on animals?

At Les Poulettes, we love and respect animals. We do not test on animals and no ingredients are derived from animal exploitation. 

Where to find Les Poulettes masks?

The products are distributed in several stores: Le Printemps, Mademoiselle Bio, Nocibé, Galeries Lafayettes, Naturalia.
We are constantly looking to develop our partnerships, if you are interested, please feel free to visit the Become a distributor.

Where to find user reviews of products? 

Each product page features a Customer Review section so you can share your experiences using the masks. Go to the product page, then click on "Reviews" to view or leave a review.

How to use our skincares

How Les Poulettes masks work

The masks are made of fabric, or hydrogel for the eye patches. They are soaked with the equivalent of more than half a vial of serum per mask, for maximum concentration.

Once they are placed on the face, they create a barrier with the exterior that slows the evaporation of the serum's water phase for an optimized moisturizing effect. Moreover, the prolonged contact of the active ingredients on the skin optimizes their penetration for even greater effectiveness. The results are therefore visible more quickly than by applying a "classic" mask. In 10 minutes flat, the results appear.

What are the active ingredients in Les Poulettes masks?

We have a page dedicated to the active ingredients used in masks.

Also, each product page displays details of the ingredients and actives inside.

Main active ingredients include hyaluronic acid, to boost hydration, aloe vera for its moisturizing and soothing properties, shoot water barley, for its phyto-nutrients, Damask rose water, rich in vitamin C and essential fatty acids, etc.  

Are Les Poulettes masks likely to expire?

The masks have an expiration date listed on their packaging.

How long should I keep the mask on my face?

We recommend a 10-15 minute application time, to allow time for the concentrated active ingredients to work and to see initial results. After this application time, it is also advisable to manually rub the excess product into the skin and not rinse off, for optimum results. 

What is the optimal frequency of mask use?

There is no strict recommendation for using organic cotton masks, but it's best not to exceed once a day to let each of the active ingredients play their role properly. On the other hand, you can apply the masks several times a week without any problem. 

Can I use the masks during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

You can safely use all of our masks during pregnancy and breastfeeding, with the exception of the Anti-Fatigue formula which contains an essential oil.

Yes absolutely, with the exception of the Anti-Fatigue Mask which contains Organic Grapefruit essential oil. Granted, it's at a low concentration, but as a matter of principle, we don't recommend anything with essential oils to pregnant women.