Collection: Masks for the stressed skin of city-dwellers : simple, fast and effective.

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  • Revitalizing & Boosting Mask
    Look like you’ve had your 8-hour Beauty Sleep
    Discover | €7,90
  • Radiant Glow Express Mask
    A brighter complexion and energized skin: it’s almost magic!
    Discover | €7,90
  • Hydra Fresh Mask
    The ultimate thirst-quencher for your skin. Fresh and fabulous.
    Discover | €7,90
  • Pollution Shield Mask
    Our Anti-Pollution mask for a purified skin
    Discover | €7,90
  • Age Defying Plumping Mask
    Youth is in the head, and in this little bag
    Discover | €7,90
  • Discovery Pack Les Poulettes
    So you can have it all!
    Sold out
    Discover | €39,90
  • Best Sellers Kit
    The Favs of Les Poulettes' community
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    Discover | €19,90
  • Revitalizing and Boosting Treatment
    The greatest combo to rescue your skin
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    Discover | €37,90