Age Defying Plumping Mask

Youth is in your head, and in this little bag

Age Defying Plumping Mask
Age Defying Plumping Mask
Age Defying Plumping Mask

Youth is in your head, and in this little bag

Age Defying Plumping Mask

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A youth effect mask for a toned and smoothed face. 

Les Poulettes have infused this mask a fabulous combination of naturally derived extracts to minimize the appearance of the signs of aging.

Its formula is designed to help plum the skin along with improving firmness and elasticity. Wrinkles are minimized, skin appears denser and more supple. Facial features look more defined. The Aloe Vera gel in the formula, combined with a powerful lipoaminoacid, helps revitalize and maintain the skin’s moisture balance for a more youthful look.

In 10 minutes, the skin feels smoother and firmer and radiates with a youthful glow. You will be the living proof that age is just a number!

"An exceptional mask! I loved those ten minutes with it on my face, but especially all its effects! My skin was more fit, rested, and the wrinkles and fine lines smoothed out." Melissa M.

The skin looks smoother and plumper

Natural active ingredients certified organic and Made in France to revitalize, regenerate, and restore freshness to the skin!

The wrinkles are as if they had faded away

After 10 minutes of application, the effect is visible thanks to the Youth Peptide with procollagen and proelastin action.

The skin regains its youthful glow

Yes, there will be jealousy.

99% of ingredients of natural origin & certified organic

Youth Peptide

Youth Peptide

This patented active ingredient is a powerful peptide of bio-technological origin. It helps to firm, tone and minimize wrinkles thanks to its pro-collagen and pro-elastin action.

Aloe Vera Organic

Aloe Vera Organic

Nourishing, moisturizing and protective active ingredient. It quenches, revitalizes and regenerates the skin.



For a visibly more supple and plumped skin.

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On perfectly clean skin

  • Unfold the "super" Anti-Aging mask
  • Apply to face, patting all over to adhere.
  • Leave it on for 10 minutes "top chrono".
  • Remove the mask and let the excess penetrate. No need to rinse.
  • Admire the result


You can use the excess of the Anti-Aging mask for the décolleté or the hands.

For a better absorption of the active ingredients, heat it in its packaging in a bain-marie

Do you manufacture in France?
Les Poulettes was born in Paris and the brand claims the Parisian Spirit. It is therefore natural that we manufacture all products in France, to ensure traceability and quality of production. We regularly visit our partner production site.
Are the masks certified organic?
Nos produits sont certifiés BIO par le label ECOCERT. Les Poulettes exigent le label COSMOS ORGANIC pour tous leurs produits. Nous avons opté pour ce référentiel ultra-exigeant ainsi que pour une certification accordée par ECOCERT, organisme de contrôle indépendant.
What is the optimal frequency of use?
Il n’y a aucune recommandation stricte concernant l’utilisation de masques en coton certifiés bio, mais il est préférable de ne pas dépasser une fois par jour pour laisser chacun des actifs jouer leur rôle correctement. En revanche, vous pouvez appliquer les masques plusieurs fois par semaine sans problème.
How long should I keep the mask on my face?
We recommend a 10 to 15 minute application time to allow the concentrated active ingredients to work and to see the first results. After this time, it is also recommended to manually penetrate the excess product into the skin and not to rinse, for optimal results.