Grapefruit, in our Revitalizing and Boosting mask! What is it for?

We continue the botanical beauty saga with Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil, a natural extract with multiple benefits for which we fell in love.

Grapefruit or Pomelo, what's the difference?

The "grapefruit" is actually a Pomelo.

First of all, we need to clarify one point! The fruit known as grapefruit (which you will find in the list of ingredients of our formula under the Latin name of Citrus x Paradisi) is actually a Pomelo and the essential oil a Pomelo oil!


The term Grapefruit, which we use every day, is an abuse of language for botanists and agronomists. For them, Grapefruit has nothing to do with the round, pink-fleshed fruit that we eat in our salads or juices. It is a huge citrus fruit that can weigh up to 8 kg (its Latin name is citrus maxima, all said and done) much more bitter and acidic than its cousin the Pomelo.

The Pomelo, or Citrus x Paradisi of its Latin name

Grapefruits (pomelos) grow in bunches on their trees.

Let's come back to our Pomelo. This nice fruit comes from a hybrid tree, a cross between a grapefruit tree and a sweet orange tree and belongs to the rutaceae family.


And as the fruit grows in bunches, that's why it is called grapefruit in English. You will really be able to impress your friends with all this culture, but in the meantime let's get down to the serious stuff: its essential oil and its benefits!

A gifted essential oil

Grapefruit (or rather Pomelo) essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the dry peel of the fruit. It takes about 250 kg of peel to obtain 1 kg of essential oil...

This oil is particularly appreciated for its stimulating and astringent properties.

It is also a friend to dull complexions and skin with imperfections due to its cleansing and decongesting action. Used in body care and oils, it is also a draining active ingredient of choice to fight against water retention and cellulite.

Its fruity fragrance inspires vitality and good humour and is an excellent anti-stress. Some also say it stimulates creativity. Used as a diffuser, it also purifies the air in the house. What happiness...

The star active ingredient of our anti-fatigue mask:

We have therefore selected ORGANIC grapefruit essential oil, in the revitalizing and boosting mask Les Poulettes Paris, for its toning properties.

The formula contains revitalising rose water, rich in vitamin C, as well as moisturising active ingredients, of course. Because tired skin is often synonymous with dehydrated skin!

Laissez-vous tenter par ce concentré de peps et de tonus dès l’apparition des premiers signes de fatigue, pour retrouver un visage reposé et un teint frais. Ce masque deviendra vite le remède indispensable aux journées surchargées et aux nuits trop courtes.

Please note:

We recommend that pregnant women do not use the anti-fatigue mask during the first 3 months of pregnancy as our star active ingredient is an essential oil and to opt for the other masks in the range in the meantime.

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