The argan: a plant treasure for our skin

The argan is a natural active gifted of the cosmetic. It has been used for thousands of years by Moroccan women in the manufacture of artisanal beauty care products. It is from the mid-1980s that international beauty brands began to take a closer interest in its benefits. The argan tree, a tree that requires no fertilizer or pesticide.

Not surprisingly, with the development of natural and organic care, it has become an essential ingredient in the French cosmetics industry. France is indeed the main importer of argan extracts. And it totals 78% of purchases of quantities sold abroad!

An ethical and supportive natural asset

The Argan tree (Argania Spinosa of its Latin name) grows wild in southwest Morocco.

It is notably present in The Biosphere Reserve of the Arganeraie. This large domain, which is now part of the UNESCO heritage, plays an irreplaceable role in the fight against soil degradation and progressive desertification in southern Morocco.

The subsidiary of Argan BIO thus actively contributes to the support of the preservation of this biodiversity. Choosing the Argan BIO label also means contributing to the economic well-being of local populations, and in particular women.

Indeed, most of the production of organic Argan goes through women's cooperatives allowing them to unite to share resources, costs and income. This ensures them better outlets thanks to the valorization of the BIO traceability of the production, while preserving a thousand-year-old artisanal know-how.

Since for Les Poulettes Paris, female solidarity is an important value, it is with great pride that we tell you about this natural active ingredient, which is featured in our Coup d'Éclat cosmetic mask.

The argan tree, a tree that requires neither fertilizer nor pesticide.

The guarantee of a beautiful skin, for a long time

The specificity of argan oil? A great wealth of fatty acids and Vitamin E. Two essential molecules to maintain the skin in good health and protect it against aging.

Let's start with Fatty Acids.

You also know them as Omega. They are lipids that are classified in two categories.

First of all, there are the essential fatty acids because they are not manufactured by the body and must therefore come from the food (or your care). They are essential to the good cellular development. This is particularly the case of Omega 6, which represent almost 40% of lipids in Argan oil. They play a role of barrier for the epidermis and contribute to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

Non-essential fatty acids, such as Omega 9, can be synthesized by the body. They are also found in the sebum naturally secreted by the skin. The oil of Argan also contains some, which explains its excellent affinity with the skin. Omega 9 are essential to the hydration and the flexibility of the skin. They make of the extract of Argan an ideal active ingredient for the skins which miss comfort and brightness.

Let's finish in beauty with vitamin E.


Also known as Tocopherol (it's not very pretty, but there it is), it is a super antioxidant.

And who says anti-oxidant says ability to fight against the nasty free radicals that perniciously attack the small cells of your skin.

Better protected, ready to defend themselves against the aggressor, our cells stay in top shape longer and allow to delay the signs of aging.

Vitamin E is basically "the youth bonus of your Radiance Mask".


Please note:

Don't hesitate to use pure organic Argan oil on your hair. When they need to relax at home, the Chicks on the team apply it generously all over their hair and leave it on for a good hour under a towel (in Instagram star turban mode) before shampooing. It's a surefire remedy for frizz!

Certified organic care, Made in France

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