Eye patches, how to apply them properly? And why should you try them on if you're going to adopt them?

Organic eye patches

Today, we decided to give you some details about our certified organic eye patches.

The effect is instantaneous: the eyes are beautified and revitalized in 10 minutes!

Thanks to their formula rich in plant extracts, their revitalizing and toning effect on the upper eyelids restore radiance and freshness to the eyes.

We'll explain how to apply them properly to your eyelids, around the eye. And, why try them is to adopt them...

Here are the application tips for our certified organic Eye Patches:

The correct positioning of our Eye Patches is with the wide part towards the temple, and the open part towards the nose:

  • Detach a patch from its holder
  • Place the large part on the temples
  • Both eyelids are covered: lower and upper
  • Repeat on the other eye
  • Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Remove the patches, admire your new look!

As you can see, their exclusive shape and texture, will bring you great comfort and allow you to optimize their efficiency. And we've even added a tutorial with photos, so that everything is clear!

Small tutorial to put well its eye patches around each eye

certified organic eye patches

Once the patches are removed from their support, be careful to position the large part on the temples.

This not only treats puffiness and dark circles, but also smoothes out the small wrinkles in the corner of the eyes (at Les Poulettes, of course, we also like to call them "crow's feet").

The cut-out part is positioned towards the inner corner of the eye and adjusts to the shape of your eyes. This allows for good coverage of the lower eyelid and the area under the eyebrow, which is often dehydrated.

And of course, the mobile eyelid remains unobstructed so you can comfortably continue your activities.

The originality of this product lies in the fact that it is a 360º treatment, designed to offer you a global beauty treatment for your eyes.

But why are our Organic Eye Patches made of hydrogel and not cotton like other masks?

You will have noticed that these patches are not made of certified organic cotton, unlike the other products in the range. For this product, we have chosen to use hydrogel technology. Also certified organic, of course!

Hydrogels are made of natural polymers: carrageenans. These polysaccharides, which constitute the cell walls of red algae, are gelled with water to form the film-forming support of our patches.

The patches are coated with a serum rich in hyaluronic acid, which is super hydrating. Our formula also contains Albizia Julibrissin extract, otherwise known as the "silk tree". This plant extract helps fight skin fatigue. It is used for its anti-puffiness and anti-dark circle action.

The advantage of the BIO certified hydrogel technology for eye patches:

  1. A particularly pleasant sensation of freshness on the skin
  2. A material adapted to the small format of our care patches
  3. An excellent hold on the skin, and an easy positioning thanks to the exclusive cutting of your Eye Patches Les Poulettes Paris 

Please note:

The formula contains no added fragrance to limit the risk of irritation. The scent you perceive is the delicate natural scent of the young barley shoot water in the formula.


Certified organic care, Made in France

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