What are the quality guarantees for my organic cosmetics?

Today, we propose you to discover the main principles of the BIO certification. 

First of all, you should know thatthere is no legal or official definition of natural and organic cosmetics in France or in Europe.
Many labels and/or certifying bodies have therefore been set up in the different countries of the EEC. What is their objective?
Toprotect the consumers and to set up reliable reference marks in order to help them in the choice of the products. And thus to avoid them being dazzled by ambiguous or even misleading marketing promises.


The main Organic Labels and Certifications in cosmetics:


The COSMEBIO label dates from 2002. Today, it includes about 500 brands (including, of course, Les Poulettes Paris).

The definition of organic cosmetics by COSMEBIO is based on 3 main principles:

  1. A high quantity of ingredients of natural origin in the formulas (at least 95%). And a whole list of controversial ingredients, which the COSMEBIO label prohibits.
    The composition of the formulas must be transparent for the consumer. With a clear indication of the percentages of ingredients of natural and organic origin.
  2. Respect for the environment through a framework of manufacturing processes excluding polluting practices.
  3. A strong social commitment. For example by favouring raw materials from fair trade (in addition to being grown without pesticides)

Alexis Fort, the founder of Les Poulettes Paris, was also a member of the board of directors of the COSMEBIO association in a previous life. As you can see, Alexis is an old hand at organic cosmetics and didn't wait for it to become hyper-trendy to get interested.

But back to the labels, we are not here to praise the founder, even if he is a nice guy.

 COSMEBIO has therefore defined a charter as well as a first set of specifications that has evolved to become (in 2017) the current COSMOS specifications. The latter not only raised the requirements of the label, but also allowed for a harmonization of guarantees, between about sixty countries. For two years, it has become the European standard for organic and natural cosmetics.

It is thus for that that the logo COSMEBIO on your products Poulettes Paris is indissociable today from the mention COSMOS ORGANIC.

To obtain the right to use these labels, the brand must have its products certified by an accredited organization. Cosmebio as well as COSMOS being associations, it is not possible for them to deliver certification. At Les Poulettes, it is Ecocert which certifies the conformity with the Cosmebio Cosmos Organic standards of our products.


ECOCERT is not an organic label in itself.

It is a private and independent control organization that is authorized to deliver the COSMEBIO COSMOS ORGANIC label. It has been in existence for about 30 years and operates in over 130 countries.


It is the world's leading specialist in the certification of sustainable practices.

This organization therefore also actively contributes to promoting the use of resources and production methods that are environmentally friendly and consumer friendly.

ECOCERT has greatly helped to strengthen the link between organic farming professionals and cosmetics players.

This organization also assists textile and household product professionals in obtaining organic labels for these categories.

The steps of the ECOCERT certification process

Obtaining ECOCERT certification is a long and rigorous process.
The first step is based on a file.
Les Poulettes Paris must provide all the information related to the various products such as the technical data sheets of the ingredients of the formulas as well as their dosage. The materials of the textile part of the mask and packaging are also screened. ECOCERT also examines everything that is written on the packaging and the brand's website. And verifies that the mandatory legal mentions are present and that the claims are not potentially misleading.

The second phase is an on-site audit

It will allow to check that the information communicated in phase 1 is compliant. And to check everything that cannot be analyzed on the basis of documents. For example, the compliance control system, the storage process, or the cleaning of the production equipment.

Certification is valid for one year.
To renew it, it will be necessary to submit all the updated documents (or those relating to the new finished products launched) and to pass the audit phase again. There are of course other BIO labels, especially in France. But the choice of Les Poulettes Paris has been made on the most internationally recognized label.


The ingredients of a certified organic cosmetic formula

The certified labels therefore guarantee a formulation that favors ingredients of natural origin and from organic farming, excluding controversial ingredients and limiting synthetic products (petrochemical origin) to a maximum. The COSMEBIO COSMOS ORGANIC label guarantees that at least 95% of its ingredients are of natural origin.

  • 95% minimum of organic ingredients on the whole of the ingredients being able to be BIO (such as the plants, the beeswax, the milk...) To note, at Les Poulettes Paris, we prohibit ourselves the use of any animal ingredient.
  • 20% minimum of ORGANIC ingredients on the total of the product (10% for rinse-off products and minerals - water and minerals considered as non organic because they are not cultivated)

To explain you, we put a small diagram borrowed from COSMEBIO. Do not hesitate to consult their site for more details and information. https://www.cosmebio.org/fr

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